Our Elegant Events Planning & Design team thought it was time to share a little bit more about who we are and what we do.

And, there is no better place to start than with our owner and lead planner, Donielle Warren!

Our website’s About Us page gives you a little insight into Donielle.

We LOVE the story about how Donielle, nearly 15 years ago, showed up to intern for Elegant Events and dove in headfirst. – be sure to check it out!

Times Have Changed

Yes, the start of Donielle’s wedding planning career was quite a while ago, and her role has changed considerably.

Transitioning from a career in the corporate world as a project manager and supervisor, it’s no wonder Donielle worked her way up from intern to owning the business.


But, we wanted to share a little of the behind the scenes, day off part of Donielle.

Getting To Know Donielle

A Philadelphia native, born in the summer, it’s no wonder that summer is Donielle’s favorite season or that dream vacation would be a trip to explore a warm location like Africa.

So, destination weddings in warm locations like Sandals resorts are a great perk of the job!

When she actually takes some time off, she enjoys spending time with her family playing board games and traveling. Dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant with her drink of choice, a Margarita is another favorite day off activity.

Even our team was surprised by Donielle’s answer to this question.

If it were your last day on earth, what would your last meal be and why? – try that one at your next dinner party; you would be surprised at the answers from your family and friends.

Here’s what Donielle said:

As fancy of a meal I can imagine, I would probably have an amazing seafood entree, and here’s why… my husband is allergic to seafood, so I never prepare it at home (putting others before myself, of course).  I would indulge to my heart’s delight without compromising the health of my husband, of course.

It looks like the team might need to take her out for a seafood dinner sometime soon.

Seafood lobster on table

Here are a few rapid-fire answers to our twenty questions with Donielle:

Are you involved in any volunteer projects?

I serve on the leadership board of my church and projects in that capacity.

What’s your favorite movie?

P.S. I Love You … I’m a hopeless romantic.

What is your favorite kind of music?

I’m a music junkie, anything with a great beat and awesome lyrics.

And last but certainly not least – What is your favorite part of your job?

It’s difficult to pick just one… I love problem-solving and making the most challenging dreams a reality. But I also love building relationships both with couple and event professionals.

We are so thankful that Donielle agreed to play along and allow us to share a little more about who she is and why we love her.

Be sure to check out a little Q&A with Donielle done by our friends at EBE Talent!