Septeber 26th, 2017

Summer may be over but we still have summer weddings on the brain. This is why today we have chosen the topic of “outdoor weddings” to share with you. So if you plan on having your wedding in the spring or summer, pay close attention because you may want to snatch up some of these ideas.


  • Backyard Wedding: With a backyard wedding you can either have everything outside or you can choose to place everything inside a beautiful wedding tent.


  • Create a backdrop for your ceremony or go the natural way and have the outdoors be your backdrop.
  • If you want to make it easier to walk down the aisle, either wear flats or have a custom floor placed down the aisle for everyone to walk on. You can
  • also consider purchases heel protectors that prevent you from sinking into the grass as well.
  • If the bridal party is wearing heels, provide a little plaque for them to stand on in the front so they aren’t constantly sinking in the ground.
  • Provide overhead beach type umbrellas for guests to sit under during the ceremony.


  • Other than lamps placed around the reception, try adding twinkly lights and chandeliers from the trees to add a little more romance.


  • Farmhouse tables are definitely a favorite with brides for an outdoor reception.
  • You can also use round or rectangle fold out tables with beautiful linens draped down to the floor.

Favor Ideas

  • Sunglasses: If it’s a bright day for a wedding, provide sunglasses for guests.
  • Sandals: If the dancing is outside, provide sandals for everyone to wear so they can be more comfortable on the dance floor.
  • Fans: these can either be electric or basic hand-held fans. Either way guests will be appreciative for this on a warm day.
  • Blankets: just in case it gets a little chilly at night.

Other Fun Ideas

  • Outdoor games (i.e. jumbo Jenga, ring toss, croquet, jumbo Connect Four, etc)
  • Sparklers or fireworks: use these as the bride and groom are leaving the reception.
  • Bonfire: roast some marshmallows or sing together by the fire.
  • Have a bucket full of bug spray and sunscreen for any of your guests to use.